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Toyota FCV Plus fuel cell concept revealed at Tokyo motor show

Toyota has unveiled a new hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept car at the Tokyo motor show. Named the FCV Plus, the concept is capable of sharing its generated electricity with local infrastructure, as well as being used to generate electricity when not in motion.

Describing the concept, Toyota says it “envisages a sustainable society in which hydrogen energy is in widespread use - a society embodied in this concept vehicle.”

Toyota says the FCV Plus is capable of generating electricity from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle - effectively turning it into a movable power plant. Its energy can then be used to power local communities.

The company adds that the vehicle is something that won't reach production for another 15-20 years, by which time it expects fuel cell technology to produce twice the output but be half the size of the current system used on the new Toyota Mirai.

Propulsion for the concept comes from four in-wheel electric motors, with the hydrogen fuel cell stack mounted between the front tyres and the hydrogen storage tank located at the rear. Toyota says this arrangement allows for a spacious cabin with an optimal weight balance.

The four-seat cabin, which takes the look of an exoskeleton, is produced using 3D printing techniques.

Toyota has also showcased its entry-level sports car concept, the S-FR, in Tokyo.


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