Eco-design and Validation of In-Wheel Concept
for Electric Vehicles

Eunice Project


OEM’s Workshop (Italy, Torino)

Turin, Italy, April 17th, 2013

Title: OEM’s WORKSHOP: Eco-design and Validation of In-Wheel Concept for Electric Vehicles.

Type: OEM’s Workshop

Status: Completed


Agenda: Workshop Vehicle Specification:

  1. Introduction: Why EUNICE
  2. Target Vehicle Introduction
  3. Target Vehicle Specification review
  4. Technology Demonstrator
  5. Key technical accounts of EUNICE solution
  6. How to achieve the specifications?
  7. What we have got so far

TECNALIA explains the OEM specification review introducing why EUNICE and the target vehicle specification. A copy in paper of the documentations is given to Dr. Gerhard Lux (SEAT) and Dr. Alfred Pruckner (BMW) in order to review the target vehicle specification and valued them, presented by Tecnalia.

The presentation is focused in the critical requirements from an OEM perspective, with a ranking up to 5, which means fully agreement. The meeting took place with significant contribution from the OEM´s, which are very interested in the technology, not only for the “B” segment electric vehicle but for other vehicle ranges, from smaller urban with less power to hybrid options. It is explain to the OEM´s, that although the current project is focus on a given segment (with highest sales) the design can be adapted to many vehicles, by modifying the overall dimensions of the system and changing the cooling means of substantially more power is needed. (As discussed with BMW for high performance versions).

The Conclusions are covered in the presentations from the OEMs, which have been hand written during the review process. Analysis of OEM feedback is being included on the D1.1 List of EUNICE specifications. After this event a visit to the PININFARINA museum was performed.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 285688

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